Southside in brampton launches phase two
By Nikita Brown on November 16, 2018
Brampton has seen a lot of growth over the past two decades, but much of it has been in the way of single detached houses. That doesn’t mean something new can’t come in and shake things up every now and then, though.

An innovative new housing development that’s the first of its kind is getting built in south Brampton and it could set a new precedent in the city.

Southside is a townhouse development that puts an emphasis on walkability and on people rather than cars.

Phase I & II of the project consists of 103 luxurious, contemporary townhomes, each with a private terrace and underground parking.

Southside fits seamlessly into the city’s 2040 vision, being located in the area that newly designated as Uptown Brampton.

The development focuses on a few key areas that align with the vision, such as walkability. Brampton Transit bus stops are adjacent to Southside, and it’s also within walking distance of Gateway Terminal and the future Hurontario.

LRT.Southside’s walkability is what sets it apart most from other housing developments in Brampton, which typically rely on car ownership in order to be accessible.

Developer i2 has put a huge emphasis on people versus cars. All parking at Southside is underground, making the community more pedestrian-friendly. Additionally, because of its close accessibility to transit, it’s easy to get to local amenities through transit, walking, and biking.

It’s also a short walk, bike ride or transit ride away from shopping, grocery stores, schools, and recreational facilities, and even regional transit like the GO — something you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Brampton.

While the development focuses on walkability, there are also perks for drivers, like the underground parking.There aren’t any other developments in Brampton that offer underground parking for townhomes, but homeowners will be able to park underground and have access to their cars directly from their garages without having to go outside.

Brampton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, with about 12,000 new people moving in every year. Congestion is just one of the side effects of a rapidly growing city, and it continues to be an issue in Brampton.

Southside is setting a new precedent and hopefully carving the way for more developments of its kind in the city. Construction is well underway and is scheduled for completion by late summer of 2019.
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